1962 FJ40 Toyota


Burnt budget on engine rebuild /upgrade so ongoing budget as I guess most end up to be Doh . Got my 1962 fj40 around 5 years ago I swapped it for a Ninja road bike it was rough but running needed almost everything rebuilt or repaired it's kept me busy and broke since . It has a golden 253 red out of a HZ that has had a complete rebuild from ground up new cam (mild) , 60 tho oversized Pistons , new lifters to suit unleaded , 450 quick fuel slayer carb and eldebroke manifold , elect dist and coil upgrade, it has 4 speed Toyota fj40 box and transfer which will need a rebuild as soon as I can save up some cash again

Step 1

Hi I am rebuilding a fj40 I am currently doing a complete re wire and having a few problems and looking for advice so hoping this is yhe right place for ideas and handy tips I will add questions as I go cheers

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

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