640 square foot Paver Patio

4 tools

Wanted to cut down water usage in a bad back yard and had a great area for a patio. 20 per cent shade at 4pm and 80 per cent by 6. Afternoon sun in spring and fall. Had done a smaller section of pavers in front yard the year before so even though this was a large project to me I knew I could do it. Came up with several designs and finally settled on one. Had 640 SF to do. The big thing with pavers is a good foundation and containment, I compacted the gravel with a tractor and a little bit with a hand tamper. Started on the bottom left side worked up to top, then to right side and back to the bottom. This way i could bring sand with tractor, screed it then load the bucket up with pavers saving a huge amount of work. Worked around an Air Conditioner and a well at the same time. When done my wife had a ball decorating the patio and we now have a great quiet area in the shade in the evening and a great area to entertain a good size crowd. One thing. I used 12x12 pavers and they have went on sale the last 2 years in July right when it is hot. Cost .99 on sale 1.40 when not on sale so waiting saved about 300.00


Shovels Sand Gravel Hand compactor

Step 1

Comfy Chairs

Step 2

Lots of room

Step 3

Step 4

Bulit to cover Air Condioner and Utlites Comes apart easily

Step 5

Built to cover up well

Step 6

A table built around a well. Comes apart in 4 pieces if needed

Step 7

Great Idea for a planter an old smoker

Step 8

Tools for Grandsons Sand Box Hangers I.99 on sale

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