Affordable Air Purifier

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Simple Air Purifier we use in the bedroom to breath clean air seven or eight hours a day as we sleep. Buy the following three items: twenty in. Box Fan twenty dollars (Walmart) twenty in. Merv eight Furnace Filter seven dollars (Walmart) Box Fan Filter Grip twelve dollars ( 39 dollars on search for Box Fan Filter Grip 1. Place a twenty in. furnace filter on the back side of the twenty in. box fan with the air flow arrow pointing to the back of the fan. 2. Stretch a Box Fan Filter Grips around the fan and filter on the left and one on the right side approximately four in from the side of the fan. 3. On the bottom side of the fan, the Box Fan Filter Grips should be next to the plastic feet of the fan.


20 x 20 inch box fan 1 x 20 x 20 inch merv 8 filter Box fan filter grip

2 grips come in the package

Closeup of one side of the fan with filter and grip in place

Showing grip placement on one side of the fan next to the small plastic feet of the fan

Rear view of your affordable and very effective air purifier. Just like your HVAC filters, change as needed.

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