Backroom / Outdoor Living Room Makeover


Member • lakewood, CAL


Previously a sunroom with drywall and carpet. It was used by the kids as a playroom. The kiddo's stopped using it so Mom and Dad decided it was time to take it back. We removed all of the drywall, carpet, windows and the door. The fireplace hearth was pretty useless, 1 brick high, so we built up the hearth. We had the fireplace and surrounding short wall stucco to match the exterior. We painted the cement floor with sand textured no slip paint. We are thrilled with the results but now the kiddo's have started using it as their cool hang out space.

Our Backroom had previously been a screened in porch with aluminum roof, windows, drywall and carpet. This picture was taken after we already started to demo.

We removed the windows, wall panels, door and carpet. Built up the hearth and Stucco'd the fireplace and painted the cement floor with outdoor no-slip (sand textured) paint.

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