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It was quite difficult getting motivated to have company in the backyard, so we decided to do something about it. The total dimensions of the backyard are 38 x 13 so there wasn't a lot of room for measurement errors and such. We wanted to maximize the amount of space and still be able to move around for BBQ parties, planting herbs and vegetable or just hanging outside in general. Prior to starting, we purchased cherry colored wood composite fencing from Lowes. After a week, it arrived then pain started! We first jack hammered up the entire cement base throughout the backyard all the way down to the dirt and hauled it away in wheel barrels to a materials dumpster on the street. We then knocked down the chain linked fence gate door and between the neighbors on the right side of the row house. The next step was to dig holes for the posts. Using quick drying cement inside the newly dug holes, we erect the composite fence sequentially until completion. Then we carried away all excess dirt, debris, cement, chain link fence parts etc. This left a 6 inch deficit of space between the bottom of the back door and the ground. We then hired a HVAC company to move the AC compressor from the ground to the top of the lowest point of the house to add more square footage to the project. With the 4 x4 and 6 x 6 treated wood planks, we made a garden area toward the back of the yard. This will also assist with creating a walk way in and out of the backyard. We had 11 tons of crushed stone delivered (a mixture of stone and stone dust) and barreled into place as a hard foundation to bring it up to the desired level. The crushed stone mixture was compacted with a gas compactor rented from Home Depot. In this step, we also created a cement base for the fountain, coloring the cement with the proper mixture to match the fountain as well. The fountain is self contained; no power or plumbing was run for it.We purchased 350 square feet of travertine stone pavers. They had many colors and styles but I chose this particular color to coordinate with the cherry color fence and red-ish fountain. After the travertine was delivered, it was stacked in piles for easy workability. Renting a truck from Home Depot, we picked up 4000 pounds of sand from a local provider. Starting at the back door, we placed the sand on top of the crushed mixture, leveled it, and then started placing the pavers on top until we reached the fence door. The sand was then brushed in between the travertine pavers for stability. Stone was cut for with a gas stone cutter for those hard angles and odd shaped areas. Another trip to the provider of the sand, we also picked up 3000 pounds of enriched top soil for the garden planters. Final step was to erect the fountain. It came in pieces so they were mortared together. After a trip to the nursery, we purchased a few trees, plants and flowers to add a warm feeling. The results of the project are what you see in the after shots. Total time for project completion with 2 people doing the work was a month.


Composite wood privacy fence Quick drying cement Travertine stone pavers 11 tons of crushed stone 4000 pounds orange sand 4 x 4 treated wood 6 x 6 treated wood 3000 pounds of enriched top soil Cement fountain Cement coloring Clay bricks Stone Cutter

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