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This project included a tray ceiling because we wanted recessed lighting that would not interfere with the TV and to hide the audio and cable wiring.We could not handle usual drywall and framing, but we found the Elegant Tray Ceiling System on line. This system allowed us to easily DIY the tray in a weekend without a big cleanup. It fit our needs perfectly, especially since we have very little time to spare. It was very reasonable. The quotes we had were in excess of $3,000. We bought the 12' panels and put them up for $712. Shipping was about $200. We bought 2 x 2 framing to put on the walls for panel support and cut 2 x 4's to 12" lengths for attachment to the rafters for ceiling support. We used drywall screws to attach the framing. We also put lengths of 1 x 3 on the rafter framing to make it easier for us to attach the 12' panels. The panels cut just like lumber, but without the mess of sawdust. We did most of our cutting outside, but it leaves PVC particles that we were able to pick up with a vacuum later. We attached the suspended ceiling L and T brackets to the tray panels at the height we wanted. The 2 x 2 panels and suspended ceiling brackets/braces, 2 x 2's,2 X 4's and drywall screws were purchased from The Home Depot. This was a great experience and we plan to put an Elegant Tray Ceiling System in our dinning room. It has made our basement comparable to our 1st floor in appearance. It has helped us create the warmth of appearance we wanted in the basement. We are enjoying the elegance and it is fun to show this basement project to our friends and neighbors. We have had a ton of complements. This is our first try at such a project and we are proud of the outcome. If you would like to ask us questions please feel free, it is an experience we would like to share with you.


Drill Framing2 x 2's 100' 2 X 4's 16' 8 Elegant Tray Ceiling System panels Drywall screws (2.5&quot&amp1.5") 8 packages of 2'X2&#039ceiling panels 100&#039of L and T ceiling brackets 26 recessed lighting fixtures and bulbs 90'of quarter round trim molding 4 hot air/AC deflectors and 2 cold air returns An electrician for the light fixture installation and the rental of a pneumatic nailer for one day Rivet tool for the L T ceiling framing

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