Bathroom Floor - Tiled with PENNIES!

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We had a very small bathroom that we wanted to make very interesting. It had vinyl flooring that was stained and ugly anyhow. When we tore up the vinyl (hoping that there'd be nice tile underneath) we found the original tile in very bad condition. We leveled it out with some quick dry concrete and painted it a dark grey, glued a bunch of pennies down, sealed it, and Voila! an awesome (and very cheap) penny tiled floor.


Paint Lots of pennies Clear epoxy Paint stripper

The floor after we stripped the vinyl up off the original tile.

we painted the floor with some leftover paint then we got to gluing

the finished result

the clear coat over the pennies so there's no cracks. the pennies are sealed in with this.

there was a lot of gunk after we got the vinyl up. we used normal pain stripper to peel this up. it smelled pretty bad.

after the stripping process

the bathroom when we first moved in.

the bathroom now (my wife's an interior designer -

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