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THE ANSWER TO MAKING YOUR OLD MIRRORS LOOK BEAUTIFUL AGAINI finally found the answer to covering up the awful edges around my mirrors, especially the ugly ones in the bathrooms. Mirredge, it works like a dream around the perimeter of old unframed mirrorsBeing a ???do it yourselfer??? I look for cost effective ways to improve my house and with the economic environment of today, I think more Americans are cutting back on their expenses and also embracing the ???do it yourself??? movement. I was looking to spruce up my master bathroom a few weeks ago and got to the point where I liked everything about the room ( as much as you can like a bathroom) until I got to the mirrors. The oxidation around the edges showed the houses years . I really didn???t want to replace the full mirror, it???s a dirty and costly process, so I went searching for frames. Mirredge was the solution, it is a unique system of mirror acrylic or woodgrain poly strips with corner plates that you can easily apply around the perimeter of the old mirror. The kit comes with simple instructions and everything you need but the adhesive. The finished product is beautiful , practical and inexpensive. You can now find the molding kits for mirrors at certain locations of Bed Bath and Beyond or go to or look at the www. ://


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