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My 1960's peach and chartreuse bathroom had seen better days. The tub was chipped the vinyl gone and there were leaks in the walls pipes - time to do something! 12/30/07 Demo took us about 5 hours and didn't include the toilet, tub, sink, cabinet or counter. I've had to chip away at that little by little this past week. My new tub arrived today a beautiful white Kohler soaking tub, nothing fancy just a little bit bigger than what was in there. I am having trouble getting the tub drain out hoping to have a strong guy give it a try tomorrow. Then on to repair the floor (dry rot from a formerly leaky toilet). Copper pipes need to be replaced (3x leaks last 12 mo.). This is a work in progress and the truth be told I don't have it 100% sorted out YET.


Toilet Tub $977 Sink $125 Window Tub/shower faucet $109 Sink faucet Paint (cabinet &ampwalls) Cabinet hardware including hinges Mirrored medicine cabinet (optional) Wall &ampcounter tile ~$300 Vinyl flooring Light fixture Toilet paper holder Misc for tile setting Misc for walls (cement board screws etc) Plumber help $325 Tile setter

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