Bathroom Remodel - Tile/paint


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We decided to renovate our basement after our wood stove caused smoke damage. We've been working on everything since June 2008 and we are on to the final room for the year - the bathroom. It originally sported 2 lovely tones of brown with pink interspersed. Yuck! The shower had regular sheetrock backing so it was bowing and moldy. We had contractors working on the rest of our basement so they hung cement board for us. The rest is up to me! The floor near the curb needed to be leveled, the shower will be completely tiled in black marble, we're keeping the former toilet and purchasing a new vanity and counter top. The only tiling experience I have is doing our entryway. I tore the tile off the walls and rather than repair or replace the sheetrock, we're covering the damage with white wainscoting. The goal is to have a more modern bathroom with a blue, white and black color scheme.


Jackhammer level floor Cement backerboard for shower White ceiling paint Blue paint for walls (Madras Blue Behr paint) Wainscoting panels Black galaxy tiles for shower floor and ceiling Black marble tiles for bathroom floor and shower walls Outlets and switch plate covers New switch plates Vanity w/countertop and bowl Replacement seat cover for toilet Moulding and mop boards for wainscot trim Wet saw for cutting tile Joint compound and tape for corners

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