Beadboard porch ceiling


This project happened by accident. George was working on scraping off chipped paint and realized that the ceiling was plasterboard. As he chipped the paint the plasterboard was falling off. Of course this leads us to the next project of installing a new ceiling. We decided to use beadboard and will paint it blue. We were so inspired by the porch ceilings in New Orleans and now we have the opportunity to have a beautiful porch ceiling. It is interesting that today I researched the blue ceilings of the south and learned why blue was popular. It was called "haint blue" and it was known to chaise the evil spirits away. Some other theories is that blue is calming, others believe that a blue ceiling helps extend daylight as dusk begins to fall, and many, believe that it helps keep bugs away. Now the search is on for the perfect blue. Time to complete the project: Two weeks. I decided against the blue ceiling and went with white since we have a lot of blue already on the house.

Step 1

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