Bedroom Decoration

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This bedroom was last decorated in the 1970's and is need of a full makeover.The room includes a sink, fitted-wardobes, headboard and drawers.- The sink unit and plumbing will be removed and wall repaired- Fitted wardrobes to be removed and wall repairedFitted headboard and drawers to be removed- Carpet and wallpaper & ceiling paper to be removed.- Exisiting electric sockets updated to new standards and new sockets installed- Damp area under window to be ripped out and replatered with new skirting- Radiator to be relocated to opposite/internal wallThe room will be re-papered and painted, woodwork sanded and painted and a new carpet fitted, new curtains and furnishing.


Paint Carpet Plaster Wallpaper Filler Radiator copper pipe thermostatic valve Electrical sockets and wire

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