Best DIY Spray Bedliner


Member • melbourne, FL


Needed a high quality spray bedliner, but did not want to pay rhinolining or line-x which are great companies. I wanted to do it myself and get the same quality bedliner. What I found is that herculiner, durabak and others just did not have the high quality, safe, durable coatings that I could get with more professional services. I found spray-lining while I was doing my research. I went with them and it only cost me about 200 for a 500 dollar job. The prep work was critical. I spent about 6 hours sanding and cleaning the spray area. It took about an hour to mask it properly. Once I did that, the next major challenge that turned out to be pretty easy was mixing the components properly. I tested the spray pattern on some pieces of cardboard, It took me about 3 applications of a 1 ft area to become comfortable. Then I went to town. As you can see from the results, it is pretty awesome. Spray-lining is a great product and would recommend to anyone.

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