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My grandpa's buckboard had seen better days. I wanted to restore it with some customization. I took it apart first, then brushed and cleaned the metal pieces before painting them. I used a hammered finish black spray paint. I also had to sand off the wood parts, then stain them. I used a gel stain that gave the wood a dark (and IMO a rustic) walnut finish. Next came the polyurethane. Then I put everything back together and made a new cushion with plywood, pad, material and staples.


Paint Stain Polyurethane Plywood Wire brush Screw driver Wrench Staples and stapler Outdoor upholstery cloth Padding Paint and stain brushes

Grandpa's old buckboard before restoration. It had been left outside in the elements for too many years and needed some TLC.

All done giving grandpa's old buckboard new life as a bench in my home.

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