Building A Shed

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I have a small backyard and some space on both sides of the house, so I decided to build a shed there. I did all the plans myself with some inspiration from the demos they were selling at the hardware store and that my neighbour bought. I also watched a few videos online. Except for installing the double door (bad idea, the small door is impossible to level, just a bad concept...) it's been pretty easy, except we had rain all week-end. It took three days for two persons with little building experience to build the frame, roof, etc. under heavy rain, and a few evenings by myself for the vinyl sidings. And it's got its own dedicated electrical outlet!The shed is 14' wide x 8' deep and 7' high (the front and back walls). I did the trusses myself, that was the most complicated part.From estimates from the same size with no electricity, I saved over a thousand bucks by doing this myself, although the door would have been better from the contractor (mine has a wood frame).


Wood Asphalt shingles Aluminum for the corners Door and windows made for a shed Lots of nails and screwsIt's easier with a framing gunWould have been easier with the Sun.

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