Cabinet Reconfiguration

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In the old configuration as you entered the kitchen from the living room, the fridge was to the immediate left. I removed the row of cabinets, along with the counter tops. I cut down the double cabinet added casters and bead board paneling to create a mobile island ( pic #5). The remaining cabinet got installed next to the dishwasher, since there was not one there. I also didn't want to lose valuable cupboard or counter top space. I removed the cabinet above where the lower type fridge would fit to allow the larger fridge to go back into the original position when the house was built (pic #3). This new layout lets me move the island for party's to serve as a counter top for food or beverages without losing valuable space. Also, painting everything the same color makes the room appear larger, with an accent wall in a faux copper finish.I also removed the wall paper border, repainted and painted the existing molding the same faux copper color.I purchased copper tiles that adhere to the ceramic tiles to hide where counter top backsplash was removed, and also created a bit of accent behind the stove. I changed the dining table with one I had and recovered the chairs with some matching fabric.


1 GalPaint in desired color 4X8 sheet of bead board paneling or similar Trim for panelingpaneling nails Remaining leftover floor tile Casters (bought from resale store) 48 4x4 copper handi-tiles 3 Ydsfabric from discount store

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