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Steve Larsen

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I just couldn't stand the look of my kitchen any more. It is a great kitchen but just looked old, dated, and dirty. There's lots of room so change is a big option. I think I have a pretty good idea of how I want it to look but I'm open to ideas. This is my first time to the site, are people allowed to leave suggestions for me? Anyways, this is all before stuff right now. I just started tearing stuff off the walls this week, Monday. I am a pretty experienced DIY person and work with tools and stuff so I get to play around a lot. Don't know if I'll keep these updates going to religiously, you know how it is. I'll try this, plus I have a job, and my own site. My goal with this project is to adapt with the current floor tile and change my colors based off that. I am going to go with a Reagan red for the cabinets and a dark nickel for the hardware. I am going to remove one cabinet and change it to like a homemade open shelf type thing. Then I'd like to have gray counter tops and a different shade of gray on the walls. Thoughts? *** Update - 4/8/14 *** Hey thanks for the ideas! I know it has been a while. Have to kind of learn my way around how to edit these project posts, I started to create a new one then realized I could edit this one... How many pics do you guys want? As I was uploading them, I realized I have way more pictures than words I feel like writing. Maybe I could just add the photos with captions, write about any funny or pain in the a** stuff, or things I learned here. 1) I did end up going with the red, gray combo. Except Lowe's made me orange and light blue and I'm a guy so... it is on stuff and it is staying. 2) The people who built these cabinets and cupboards back in the 80's must have been hopped up on speed and got a deal on drywall screws. Those cupboards took like a day to get out. Trying to save them to sand but being unable to get them out. Then finding yet another screw somewhere to another cupboard like under the trim, or behind a support. Dude - you don't need to use every screw from the store! 3) I find projects funny. Home projects are like my thing, my hobby. I have been how you say on limited funds for a little bit now so the amount of money I can out towards stuff isn't there. This project though I figured I could do a lot without buying a lot to improve the look of the kitchen. I'm not in a hurry at all. However... Enough with the gd sanding and stripping already. Ha ha. I'm not even halfway done with all the doors and crap. Sweet baby jesus.


Joint compound Drill Sanding block Screwdriver Taping knives Mud pan Impact driver Various bits Screw extractor set Pry bar

Horrible looking cabinets & back splash.

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