Cart for my outdoor wok burner


Having bought a basic high output single burner stove for cooking on the patio with my wok I wanted to mount this in a mobile cart to tidy thinks up. Bought a stainless steel cart from Walmart online for about 90 dollars, cut a big hole in the top with a nibbler and drilled and bolted the burner in underneath. Removed the bolt on legs from the stove. The top just pulls off the cart, so I bought four 6 inch legs so I can use a more basic version while camping also. Works great, I have an adjustable pressure regulator for use with this for fine flame regulation.

Step 1

Single Burner high output stove

Step 2

Finished Item (top view)

Step 3

With Wok

Step 4

Full View of cart

Step 5

Underneath view (note: gas cock bar has been mounted inverted - just bolts on)

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