Changing Bathroom To Bedroom

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Following the 'Total Bathroom Refit' (see my project page), I am continuing the renovation. Previously the bathroom was two rooms connected by an archway. The archway was closed and the bathroom refitted.The remaining side of the bathroom will now be developed into a home/office or bedroom.The room currently has a shower cubicle, beday, towel radiator. These items will be removed along with the tiled walls and carpet.- The exposed wall and archway and ceiling will be boarded and plastered. - Piping including waste pipes to be removed.- Air vent to be bricked/blocked.- Skirting boards replaced- Floor boards will be sanded and varnished.- Electric sockets and new lighting to be installed (these will be signed off by a qualified electrician).


Plasterboard Plaster Electric sockets and light fitting Skirting boards Floor sander Hand-held belt sander Wood filler Light stain &ampfloor varnish Wallpaper/paint

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