Cheap wood floor rehab

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by: Anna Miller on 09/27/2015 Views 3768



Tools & Materials

  • Half pint ebony stain
  • 1 quart red oak stain
  • 1 quart semigloss polyurethane
  • 1 pint mineral spirits
  • Pinesol or mr clean


When we pulled up the carpet there were wood floors, but they were in terrible condition. Replacing the floor or hiring someone to try and sand them are beyond my budget at the moment but I can't live with these floors until then. I figured I couldn't make them any worse so here's what I did.

Mop with pinesol, let dry. Mop with mineral spirits, let dry. Mix half pint ebony minwax stain into 1 quart red oak minwax stain. Apply with paint roller, dry 24 hours. Top with 1 quart semigloss poly. Perfect? No, but much much better don't you think? And only 30 bucks!

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