Chicken Coop with Shipping Pallets and Planks


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To grow farm-raised eggs does not always mean you need a huge farm. Building a chicken coop with shipping pallets and planks can be done in a small back yard. We placed our finished coop inside a walk-in dog kennel because we have dogs. This chicken coop project took us about 2 hours: 1 hour for gathering all the materials and tools and 1 hour for cutting, nailing, and clean up. We lined the floor with old roofing shingles that make daily chicken poop clean up easy and quick with the water hose. Don't forget to grab one small hay bale and a bag of starter chicken feed!


Miter saw Two shipping pallets 34x32 Seven boards 42inch Fifty boards 32inch Roll of nails and air nailer Sanding paper

Step 1: Place 2 shipping pallets size 34x32 with 32 inches side standing up

Step 2: Connect a few 42 inch boards to make base for top and bottom layer

Step 3: Nail 32 inch boards on the bottom and top leaving some spacing for drainage.

Step 4: Nail the roof with 42 inch boards size 1x6

Step 5: Nail 32 inch boards to the walls

Step 6: Nail 2 section separators together and then insert each separator on bottom and top level

Step 7: Sand the rough spots and hammer down any nails or staples to avoid chicken injuries.

Step 8: Position the coop in place

Step 9: Place the hay and wood shavings for the little chicks

Step 10: Watch your pet chickens grow and enjoy your homegrown eggs

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