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1. Dig Holes for Posts (I did about 24" deep) I used post hole digger. 2. Put Posts in hole, Make Level, Tie rope/string to nearby objects to keep from shifting while filling hole. 3. Mix cement Pour in hole. 4. Fill in hole if needed with dirt/ rest of the way after cement dries. 5. Drill holes on Posts for cross bar T and attach using nuts bolts. 6. Drill holes attach Clothesline Hooks into cross bar. 7. STEEL CABLE: a.take one end, insert into Ferrule, wrap around Thimble, insert into Ferrule again. b.Hold it in place, Use Hammer, hammer Ferrule on sturdy surface(ground/work bench) to close it around the cable. Using a Ferrule You should "Crimp" it AKA "Swagging tool." I read you can also hammer it too I did not use the "Stop" for this c.walk out the cable to the other pole for, find where you want to put the next thimble. d.Similar to Step 7.a. insert other end through saddle of 2 Wire Rope Clips, wrap around Thimble, insert through ubolt again. There are two parts to this, Saddle and Ubolt. e.Hold it in place, mark where you will put the Rope Clips with Sharpie/Permanent Marker or Other Marking method. f.Put aside thimble, use utility Knife/ or other method to strip away plastic coating where the Rope Clips will go. g.Repeat 7.d. thimble, position rope clips on bare steel cable, tighten bolts. NOTES: Rope Clips: You should insert cable (main line) through bottom of the clip/saddle , when inserting the cable (end line, where it terminates), it is put through the top part, the ubolt where the round part is. Search the Term: "Never Saddle a dead horse." Done with the cable. Time to add other hardware. 8. Make sure you put one cable loop end onto clothsline hook on pole. Take TurnBuckle described as eye to eye 0 0, clip on 1 spring link to one side and the same spring link to the other end of the cable. You may need to remove and adjust the clip as I had to if you did not get the distance right. CLhook 0 0 SpringLk cable CLhook. 9. Adjust the turnbuckle as necessary. (Both Eyes stay still and turn the center portion to tighten or loosen.) 10. Repeat cable line again for the number of lines you want. Some Consierations: -Afterwards I read you may want to anchor the poles using wire on other side of pole to balance out the pull the clothes line causes on the poles. -Hardware used may vary on your preference. Turnbuckles come in other configerations: eye to eye 0--0 eye to hook 0--j hook to hook j--j You could use Eyes instead of "Clothesline Hooks" -There are other pre-made products out there that would speed this up or make it "easier." -I wanted to run the Line across the grass area of the yard so the poles are in the bush line and I can remove the Line when needed and put back up.(about a 50Ft run) -I had no experience doing line rigging so I did some reading and as far as using the Ferrules and Rope Clip on each end was to see what I liked and figured the rope clip would be easier if I needed to adjust the end loop if I made it too short/long. Experience: Yard work, new homeowner, lite/small home repair projects.


Cement Utility Knife 2 metal fence posts 2 metal pieces for t crossbar 4 clothesline hooks 4 thimbles 4 wire rope clips 2 ferrules and stops 2 spring links 2 turnbuckles eye to eye Post hole digger or shovel Ratchet or socket driver

pole with both lines connected

pole with rope clip end, turnbuckle, spring link

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