Colonial Cottage Complete Restoration (Part One)

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by: jaym1818 on 01/06/2014 Views 10833



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We lost our house of 10 years a few years ago so I went on the hunt for a cheap fixer upper and boy did I find one! A beautiful property (once cleaned up!) within 5 min walking distance of a lake. Purchased towns interest in property for a dollar. and hired a lawyer to foreclose on back taxes at a cost of approx 5k. A note on the house under the siding states it was built the first time 1803. For a couple years now i have cleaned up the yard, gutted and rebuilt the house replacing all rotten wood, new foundation put in, dug and laid by hand! Good way to loose some weight! haha. With the house stable inside I started putting the restored windows back in and new siding up. This is tough to sum up for the allowed text here but if you're interested in seeing more i've created a blog for family and friends at

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