Complete Facelift

5 tools

I understand this is a DIY forum. The wife and I started this project and I became ill. I am no longer able to do anything for more than about 5 minutes so we had the job finished by someone else I wanted to show this as some of the short falls We installed 4 x 8 sheets of insulation using the pink foam type board. Do not make that mistake use the 3/4 or 1 inch insulation with the foil backing. It is a little cheaper and has a better R factor than the other. Make sure to install it first The 2nd thing is use the Tyvek wrap and do as it says there is a lot of video on this and well worth the time doing it right. Our guy did not do all of it the same and we can tell the difference Make sure you cut in the windows and lay it over and tape as it states The insulation and the tyvek can be easily done by a DIY person if you follow the directions The siding is the same way you can find a lot of info on the net Be sure to start your starter course correctly if you don't then you are in trouble As for windows do not use the cheapest ones out there go up a grade or two Our windows are a real hassle to get the screens in and takes two people ,they also have warped really bad from the heat . I do not think all windows do this ours are vinyl. We did not use the gas filled I think that is not needed just a good storm window does fine. Be sure to put silicone or caulk around the window before installing


Level Hammer Windows Siding and rails Tyvek wrap and tape

Step 1

before siding

Step 2

windows out no wrap or insulation

Step 3

Adding tyvek wrap, Insulation not shown

Step 4

wrap and windows installed

Step 5

This is after we got nearly finished with the front and had windows installed

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