Custom Crown Molding

5 tools

I have been a woodworker for about 30 years. While I build furniture, all of what I do are home improvement projects. This project started with the doorway pilasters already in place. I had to scrape off the popcorn ceiling, smooth it out, add the faux beams to the ceiling and then build up the crown molding layer by layer.


Drill Miter saw Table Saw Brad nailer Router

Step 1

Before, there was a popcorn ceiling and no crown molding. I had already added the doorway moldings.

Step 2

Removing the popcorn was an extremely messy job.

Step 3

Primer on the ceiling and beginning adding the beams

Step 4

The molding will be built-up from layers of MDF with a profile created with a router.

Step 5

I then add the layers of molding.

Step 6

I finish off with a small cove molding, fill nail holes and finally paint.

Step 7

Note how the molding wraps around the pilaster and note the beams trimmed with quarter-round molding.

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