Custom Front Porch

16 tools

Custom front porchIt took myself about 3 weeks from digging the footings 42 inches deep and installing the forms.The deck in the picture is 8 foot wide by 22 feet in length. The smaller deck to the left of the house is 6 feet wide by 10 feet in length. The next step was to bolt the ledger board to the brick. The floor joists were then installed 16 inches on center and secured with Tecos. The Trex was then fastened with clips.The exsisting cedar shakes had to be plunged cut 12 inches to allow for the installation of the ledger board to the house. The ledger board was secured with 6 inch lag bots. The difficult part was then constructing the ceiling header and raising it into place. The roof rafters were then added every 16 inches secured with hurricane brackets. Blocking was installed between each run.The half inch plywood was then installed followed by tar paper and 25 year warranted shingles. The temporary columns were then replaced with the vinyl colums which had a steel column inside to carry the weight. After the rails and spindles were installed the exterior rough sawn plywood was put on the ceiling and outside soffit.


9 concrete footings Concrete lag bolts 2x8x10s floor and roofing joists and bearing header Teco brakets 2x12x12s ledger boards Trex floor decking and clips Half inch exterior plywood Tar paper Roofing shingles Rails and spindles 7 vinyl columns Rough sewn plywood 3 inch galvnails 2 inch galv.finishing nails 2 inch roofing nails Copper flashing

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