Custom Solder Station With Helping Hands

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I do a lot of LED lighting, PC customization, and custom audio wiring. I looked at quite a few professional solder stations online with the intent to purchase one, but I ended up realizing I could create my own personalized custom solder station using some old PC components and electrical supplies as well as house hold supplies to create a unique and very effective solder station with helping hands. I believe it came out very unique and personalized and I am very satisfied with the end results.


Electrical tape Metal pipe Aluminum baking pan Amd cpu stock heat sink Metal coil Metal light bulb fixture Copper brillo pad Water cool block mount 120mm cpu radiator Copper romex wire Cable sleeves Electrical clips Heat shrink Small mirror

Step 1

Solder Station and Helping Hands final.

Step 2

Solder gun with solder roll and copper cleaning pad docked into holding station.

Step 3

120mm radiator base and mirror for helping hands. Also 9V battery mount for DC component testing.

Step 4

AMD CPU stock heat sink mounted with base coil before metal lighting fixture, pipe and coil is installed.

Step 5

Modded machine screw passed through the light bulb fixture before the solder roll is mounted.

Step 6

Coil with metal pipe which fits into the light bulb fixture which holds the solder gun.

Step 7

Large screw and washer that bolts the light bulb fixture into the heat sink for a secure fit.

Step 8

Pipe and coil bolted into the heat sink with pass through machine screw holding the solder roll in place as well as passes through the coil so that it doesn't fall out.

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