Custom Solder Station With Helping Hands

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by: Innovate22 on 06/27/2016 Views 2301



Tools & Materials

  • Electrical tape
  • Metal pipe
  • Aluminum baking pan
  • Amd cpu stock heat sink
  • Metal coil
  • Metal light bulb fixture
  • Copper brillo pad
  • Water cool block mount
  • 120mm cpu radiator
  • Copper romex wire
  • Cable sleeves
  • Electrical clips
  • Heat shrink
  • Small mirror


I do a lot of LED lighting, PC customization, and custom audio wiring. I looked at quite a few professional solder stations online with the intent to purchase one, but I ended up realizing I could create my own personalized custom solder station using some old PC components and electrical supplies as well as house hold supplies to create a unique and very effective solder station with helping hands. I believe it came out very unique and personalized and I am very satisfied with the end results.

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