Deck On Slope

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The postage stamp deck (12 x 12) that came with this house wouldn't fit our patio table for a family of five, much less our grill. The slope next to the deck was just a bad mow...simply useless area. It called...screamed, for an extension of the existing deck.


3 6 x 6 posts 150 sqftof pressure treated deck boards (5/4&quotx 6") 1 Galexterior paint 3 2 x 10 x 16 boards (ledger &ampsupport joists) 10 2 x 8 x 12 boards (support joists for deck boards) 7 vinyl garage door jambs (turn them around to make them look like fluted moldingClassic architectural look 8 60 lbbags of dry concrete mix Deck screws for pressure-treated lumber 15 3&quotlag bolts and washers to fasten the joists/ledger boards to house and support posts

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