DIY - Asphalt Pothole Repair on my Car Park


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Fixing up my driveway which has a nasty pothole near the bottom of the carpark as well as some cracks throughout. I've put my process into steps for you guys to help break the process down a bit more. It was a long day, but well worth it. Step One Clean the area to be repaired of any loose material or debris. It is not necessary to remove ALL dirt and dust from the hole but make sure you take out any large objects and remove most of the loose material. Step Two Pour the Propatch Pothole Repair directly from the bag into the hole. I lifting the bag to pour in but also used a shovel to scoop the material out of the bag and into the hole. ProPatch Pothole Patching can be found here; Step Three Once I had approximately a two inch base, I used a Tamp Tool to compact the material in the hole. Step Four After I applied my two inch base, I reapplied and compacted it into two inch increments until the repair area has been filled. Step Five Once the hole was filled and fully compacted, I applied a small crown to the repair area to allow for additional compaction. (This will allow the product to continue to settle once opened to traffic.) Step Six Finalized by using my tamp tool to compact the crown.


Shovel Propatch pothole patching Tamp tool

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