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by: SingleGirlsDIY on 02/10/2018 Views 1047



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My back deck was rotten and needed to be replaced. I wanted to have a concrete patio installed, but couldn't afford it. Instead, I turned a DIY gravel patio into a concrete alternative, on a tiny budget.

The result is fantastic. The gravel binding product is what really transformed a thrifty gravel patio into a stunning concrete alternative. Guests are always impressed by the space, and ask how I made the patio. The backyard used to be a scary place to go, but now it is the best part of the yard.

This was a pretty big project, so it took some time to do. But the effort involved was fairly basic for most DIYer's. The trickiest part was building the steps.

This is a very affordable, and easy to do project for anyone who wants to transform their yard on a budget.

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