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My back deck was rotten and needed to be replaced. I wanted to have a concrete patio installed, but couldn't afford it. Instead, I turned a DIY gravel patio into a concrete alternative, on a tiny budget. The result is fantastic. The gravel binding product is what really transformed a thrifty gravel patio into a stunning concrete alternative. Guests are always impressed by the space, and ask how I made the patio. The backyard used to be a scary place to go, but now it is the best part of the yard. This was a pretty big project, so it took some time to do. But the effort involved was fairly basic for most DIYer's. The trickiest part was building the steps. This is a very affordable, and easy to do project for anyone who wants to transform their yard on a budget.

When I purchased my home, it had a rotting wood deck and overgrown backyard.

The side yard was choked with weeds.

With little prior maintenance, the wooden deck had rotted. I had to rip it out. With a small budget, I had to come up with a thrifty plan to replace it.

The original deck was not far off the ground, so I decided to replace it with a patio. I dreamed about stamped concrete, but couldn't afford it. So, I decided to use gravel instead.

I outlined the new patio area with edging pavers.

Pea gravel was moved with wheel barrows, and help from the dogs, from the front yard to the back patio.

Rather leaving the gravel loose, I used a binding product from Klingstone Paths. I applied it myself, following their directions. This product sticks the stones together. It creates a solid surface like concrete, only better. Water can still flow through.

To get to the new patio area from the house, we used engineered decking over a wood frame to build steps.

The tiered steps make it easy to access the whole yard. And they look beautiful.

After cutting back the overgrown shrubs, the yard is now open and inviting.

I built a simple pergola at each end of the patio space. One is the perfect spot to hang a swing...

The other pergola creates a lovely nook for a bistro set.

Much better than the old rotted deck.

The side yard is now one of my favorite spots.

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