DIY Glam Hand Mirror * Pretty & Affordable

6 tools

This gorgeous hand mirror was easy to make in a few quick and simple steps. Items I used for this project Hand mirror 4.00 from the Beauty Supply Store or the CVS Drug Store. or get a hand mirror from the Dollar store etc. Chunky Sliver Glitter Bridal Trim 11.00 or less per yd from Craft Store, from the Bridal section. or any sparkly ribbon from the Dollar Tree for 1 dollar. Sparkly Embellishments, Brooches, Pins, or whatever you like 1.00 from 99 Cents Store Hot glue gun, glue sticks, 1.00 Dollar Tree Scissors 0.99 Dollar Tree


Scissors Hot glue gun Hand mirror Ribbon trim Sparkly embellishment Glue sticks

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