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I just built a farmhouse kitchen island table with shelves for my wife. Pretty easy 2 day project, here are the directions and results. The little pieces that make the shelf take the most time, but they make the island look the best. I built a 60 inch square dining room table earlier, so this project was quick and easy. The finished product 32L x 22W x 36H.


Miter saw Two 2x6x8s Three 2x4x8s Two 4x4x8s Eight 1x2x8s Kreg pocket hole jig 2 inch kreg pocket screws Olympic one satin black magic Clear satin poly English chestnut stain Foam paintbrushes 220 sandpaper 3 inch black screws 1 and half finishing nails

Step 1 - Cut Four 2X6s to 32 inches using a miter saw Step 2 - Cut Four 4x4s to 34.5 inches (These will become the table top and the table legs)

Step 3 - stain inside the 2x6s (This will help if the the gaps expand over time, the cracks won't be as noticeable if they are also stained)

Step 4 - make 4 holes at each 2x6 joint with jig (Kreg Pocket Hole Jig) then insert screws (2" Kreg Cabinet Mounting Screws) to assemble top

Step 5 - cut Two 2x4s to 13 inches and two to 23 inches. Insert 2 jig holes at each end and screw into posts. Also add two jig holes pointing up on each to later attach the table top. The table frame is complete.

Step 6 - cut four 2x4s to 29 inches to brace the shelves Step 7 - cut thirty-four 1x2s pieces to 12.75 inches

Step 8 - paint the entire frame & then stain and poly the table top, shelves and braces. I used two coats of paint and then clear poly on the frame. I used one coat of poly on everything, except 2 coats on the top with a light sand in between.

Step 9 - screw the table top to the frame by using the jig holes on the underside (the two jig holes pointing up on the 2x4s)

Step 9 - screw the stained 2x4s for the shelves (3" black screws) into the table legs at the height you prefer, then I used finishing nails and my nailgun to attach the 1x2s to make the shelves. I spaced them with a large paint stirrer.

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