DIY Pallet Chair


STEP 1: Take apart the pallets, remove all nails and sand down rough edges. STEP 2: Cut pieces to size From the thinner pallet pieces Seat Slats: 6 x 24 in Back Slats and under seat Slat: 5 x 22.5 in From the thicker pallet pieces Frame Legs: 2 x 27 in Back Frame: 2 x 19 in with a 13deg angle cut from one side (so it aligns with the leg frame) Front Legs: 2 x 12.5 in with a 16deg angle cut from one side (so it sits flat on the floor) Blocks: 4 x 2 in Inner Frame: 2 x 14.5 in STEP 3: Assemble the bottom frame STEP 4: Assemble the seat slats STEP 5: Assemble the back frame STEP 6: Assemble back and leg assemblies STEP 7: Decorate and Enjoy. For more and detailed information about this project please visit:

Step 1

Tools needed

Step 2

Assemble the base of the chair

Step 3

Assemble the back frame

Step 4

Assemble the back frame to the base

Step 5

Decorate and Enjoy

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