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Very simple and cheap project. So much cheaper than a purchased storage shed. My HOA requires sheds to match the house and building materials, but this looks better to me. No complaints yet. Added so much storage and got my big mower out of my garage. My gas cans are safely away from the house too. Was going to add gravel to the floor, but I through some extra tar paper down and it has worked great. This my best and most creative project yet, all my friends absolutely love it and they all want one too. They all say "OMG, I can't even see it back there!" when they are on my deck. :)


Stain Deck screws Tar paper One 4x4x8 corner post 38 fence panels Seven 2x4x10s 8 joist hangers 4 roof panels with nails 2 gate kits with hinges Latch Ground cain bolt

Here is my finished storage shed I built into the corner of my privacy fence. Added it when I was restaining my fence, it is hidden from view. It is over 10'x10' and has a ton of storage. Gets my mower out of my garage and is barely noticeable to guests!

It blends in so well that guests don't even notice it is there. It is hidden and out of the way.

Front view.

Side view.

Mower storage. You can see I just stapled tar paper up along the walls, doors, and even put it down for the flooring. It keeps it dry.

It has tons of storage! Firewood, old kids toys, etc. Bought 2 gate kits, latch, and roofing from Lowes.

View of ceiling. Attached 2x4x10's with joist hangers. I basically just built a fence around in a square and put roof on top. Just added a 4x4x8 corner post and then fence on one side and gate on another. Simple, cheap, and hidden.

View of the roof. Ondura 4-ft x 6.58-ft Corrugated Asphalt Roof Panel $21.48 each. Bought four. Light and flexible. But very strong after nailing it down. Different colors available, the brown matched perfect.

Another view of ceiling.

View from the road, can't even see it! This is the only spot where the shed is even visible from the road. I stapled bird scare tape on the top of my fence, the birds and their poop stay off my fence now!

Another view from the road. HOA rules state storage sheds must match the house, but matching the fence looks better to me. Never had a complaint or HOA notification yet :)

View of my backyard from my covered deck. 400 ft of privacy fence. Took 27 gallons of stain. I have to point out my shed to guests or they don't even notice. They are all amazed and say it is a great idea.

Here is a before photo. Just wasted space in the back corner of my lawn.

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