Dream Bath Renovation

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Our first remodel was in 2001 when we bought the house - it was a super fast throw-together and we lived with it for 10 years. Then, a relative came to visit and exclaimed that "Green must be the theme of this room", I realized that I was ready for a total gut-job renovation. The room is only 7'x9' so - not much to work with. Husband is a plumber/electrician which really helps out in both skill and cost! The clawfoot tub and toilet were reused. We rescued a 1950's china cabinet from a Re-store and after paint and hardware we repurposed it for toiletries and storage. Tile with upper diamond pattern and glass mosiac was installed on one wall and we built a privacy wall for the toilet. We also designed a pattern into the floor tile installing 6" beige glass tiles into the pattern. Paint, accessories and accent lighting everywhere. [email protected]! I'm really happy with the results!


Paint Cement board Grout Caulk Sink and base Tile (tile Thinset) Wall board Insulated window French door Faucets Plumbing and electrical supplies

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