Driveway Redo

6 tools

My family and I tackled this project in one day (16 hours of straight work) and learned to never do this much work at once EVER AGAIN! Removed this old broken driveway slab with a hand held concrete saw rented from Home Depot, dug the earth to a 7 inch depth, and laid a new 4 inch thick slab (6' by 6') Also added a short ramp to connect the front walk. About 500 bucks total, 300 after tool rental deposits were returned.


Concrete Water Concrete saw Mixer Lots of friends Truck

Step 1

This was the ugly beast that needed to be fixed.

Step 2

Cutting the Driveway into manageable chunks.

Step 3

Concrete is gone, now wee needed to dig to a good even depth.

Step 4

Dirt Dug, and Guides are in place. We are only halfway there and I already look like I'm going insane.

Step 5

Fresh concrete laid and drying. Did it all in one Day! (16 hours straight, Painful, but worth it)

Step 6

Next morning, cure and Seal the Concrete, remove the forms and landscape with soil and gravel. A job well done for only about $300

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