Drywall Repair with Access Panel

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by: fstmar on 11/23/2017 Views 625



Tools & Materials

  • Measuring tape
  • Utility Knife
  • Access panel


Water Main Valve and other holes in drywall can be covered with this method.

This method provides a quick solution to cover hole in drywall and allow to
subsequently access the hole.

1) Using an utility knife the outside of the hole is cleaned.

2) Using a measuring tape, the dimensions of the hole is measured.

3) A chart provided by RoutCad is used to select an Access Panel number.

4) Based on the measurement the Access Panel Number 4 is selected.

5) The Access Panel bracket is aligned with the diagonal of the hole.

6) It is then inserted in the hole.

7) Finally, it is rotated to completely cover the hole.

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