Easy DIY Hand Soap with Lemon Tea!

Enid Gonzalez

Member • CAL Los Angeles


I've been wanting to make my own soap bars for years. Luckily, you can now find soap bases in creamy or clear, and add your own ingredients. I would strongly suggest using a fragrance oil such as, lemon, strawberry or pear to make it extra yummy smelling! I used tea for these soaps for a little hint of fragrance but also for exfoliation.Supplies: Soap base, microwavable mixing bowl, pink and yellow food coloring, lemon tea bag, knife, scented oil, mixing stick, and plastic or silicon mold.

1.Gather you supplier

2. Cut your soap base

3. Add half the lemon tea bag

4. Add food coloring and fragrance. Add a little or a lot depending on your desired color. You can even create a marbling effect.

5. Pour into mold. For different layers, let set about 20 min before adding the next layer.

Add second layer


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