Easy DIY Multipurpose hanger


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Using a regular clothes hanger I made this amazing hanger for scarves, ties, belts and knick-knacks which may lie in cupboard corners and are difficult to find. This multipurpose hanger can be used in the cupboard, behind a door, on the wall basically to organize stuff. Instead of using cellophane paper roll, rope or wool ma be used either by wrapping it on (cumbersome) or using crochet hook or even left over ribbons if you happen to have these at home. Wrap the hanger with the same paper/ribbon/wool/rope/crochet. Secure each ring with the adjoining rings and then with the hanger. Whoopie! your Multipurpose hanger is ready to use

old bangles of one size. I used ten of them

Cello tape, a roll of colored cellophane wrapping paper, scissors

Bangles wrapped with cellophane paper roll secured with cello tape at ends and interlinked

hanger being wrapped with cellophane paper roll

Securing the rings to the hanger with a short strip of the same cellophane paper roll

My scrave/belt/ stole hanger is ready!

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