Easy DIY Terrarium Lamp

9 tools

I am really happy with how it turned out. For now it is on our side table in the living room but a couple of my boys have petitioned to have it in their new bedroom. One of their rooms is going to be decorated with a theme of the mountains and nature so I think it might be a good fit!


Gravel Rocks Adhesive styrene Lampshade rings Tacky glue Harp Curtain Charcoal Mason jar

Making a DIY lamp from a terrarium is fun and easy.

To make your terrarium lamp base you will need: - A drill - A large mason jar with a wood or metal lid - A bottle lamp kit - Terrarium Plants - Rocks - Gravel -Charcoal

After you have added the plants and your terrarium base is ready, attach the pre-assembled bottle lamp kit to the lid and then to the terrarium.

Next step is making a DIY lampshade for your terrarium base. To do that you will need adhesive styrene, lampshade rings, tacky lampshade and a fabric of your choice. I used a curtain. Making the DIY drumshade is really easy. It only takes an hour!

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