Empty Nest Bedroom Remodel

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I started off with a claustrophobic storage room that used to be my daughters bedroom. It took me longer to clear out and go through the 12 years of memories that were stored in the boxes than it did to do all the rest of the paint and flooring.Amazing how much, um..., stuff one can accumulate! After organizing, sorting and storing but mostly hauling junk off to the dump, I was ready to tackle the EASY part.I ripped out the 1980's shag carpet that I hated from day 1. Note: Invest in a pair of cushy knee pads if you are planning any floor work. They are worth their weight in gold!I repainted the walls with a soothing blue. I was thinking that I would try an accent wall with a darker color but it overwhelmed the whole room. One can of KILZ later, I painted it this nice shade of blue. My daughter forbid me to paint it pink again! The trim is a buttercream color. It brightened up the dark window and really makes the room sunny. I did use a primer on the window and roughed up the woodwork before painting it.I replaced the electrical outlets because one of them had been cracked (kids!) by yanking plugs out of the socket by the cord. Make sure you double check the outlets are dead before attempting any electrical work. You can buy a little plug in gadget that shows when the outlet is dead or wired incorrectly from Lowe's or Home Depot electrical dept. There were 3 outlets in the room, but one of them was on the breaker for the kitchen next door! Go figure! If you are unsure of doing your own electrical work, hire an electrician. Being winter in Alaska and not wanting to be running outside for every row of laminate, I brought my miter saw inside and kept the door shut to the rest of the house so it wouldn't blow sawdust around. The one time I left the door open to the room I was working in, the dust set off the smoke alarm after 3 cuts. (It's right outside the bedroom door.) To get the smoke alarm to shut off, I had to use a compressed air to blow out the alarm. Also, laminate has a tendency to smoke, even using a carbide blade. I used my Dremel that's like a Rotozip to cut the openings for the HWBB heating system.The flooring was a piece of cake to pop in place. I did have to remove the cove trim to get the breathing space in that laminate needs and to get the fit that I wanted. The base will be replaced later after I do a couple of other room remodels.The pad for the Cross Bow (Bowflex type) exercise machine is one of those interlocking floor pads. The bench tilts up and locks into place and I can use the floor pad for doing yoga and stretches. The other two machines don't need the pads since they are neither heavy nor is there any movement when they are used.I did all of this 100% by myself. Ladies take note, you can do this, too! This is the best thing I have ever done for myself and it is my new favorite room! BTW it took 2 weeks to clear out the room. It took 5 days to repaint, lay flooring, and install exercise equipment. It's never as easy as it looks on HGTV, though!


1 gallon of interior paint 1 qt kilz 150-ish sq ft laminate flooring 2 rolls of laminate pad 8-2&#039x 2&#039interlocking floor pads One exercise machine that I had One that was picked up at the dump (don't tell my daughter) And the biggest piece was bought off Craigslist cheap! 3 new electrical outlets

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