EnSuite Bathroom

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I wanted to do the design of my en-suite bathroom myself because having re-fitted 2 previous bathrooms I knew what I wanted, and what I did not. The awful brown bathroom suite in a room with no window or door(!) has now been replaced with a sleek, semi-frameless 1100x900mm shower enclosure, statement basin, designer tap, LED lit cabinet and a new window and door. I got great advice from a local tiling showroom (http://www.decortiles.co.uk ) about the colour of tiles for such a small space. They dissuaded me from going for slate grey.


Tile adhesive Moisture resistant plasterboard Waterproof tile backer board Waterproof grout Tile saw

1970s horror!

Arghh where have the walls gone?

The new en-suite starts to take shape...

Cute sink and lovely LED light bathroom cabinet

LED lights working now and a better view of the heated towel rail

Close-up of the sleek Arte Form tap

A new window beautifully aligned with the new loo...

As much as I can get in 1 photo

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