Entryway Bench with Storage

5 tools

I made this entryway bench for two reasons 1. Because my husband insisted on buying a TV table/stand that made no sense for our apartment and 2. We were in desperate need of a DIY "entryway". 1. We used an Ikea Lack TV Unit for the base of this bench. You can also use a small side table or coffee table. 3. To make the seat cushions, put two layers of upholstery foam (we used pieces of a foam mattress topper cut to 10"x17" rectangles) on top of a piece of cardboard or foam board cut to the same size. Use 2 pieces of material to wrap the cushions like Christmas presents and staple the material to the bottom of the cardboard. Use two 3M velcro strips to attach the cushions to the bench. 4. Put handles on 2 storage bins (ours are Pluggis bins from Ikea) with parachute cord.


Tv unit or table Upholstery foam Parachute cord 3m velcro strips Storage bins

Step 1

Storage hooks provide somewhere to hang coats, bags and keys.

Step 2

DIY storage bench holds gloves, hats and umbrellas in bins and shoes underneath.

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