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Our 1970"s era "formal dining room" was never used, except as a catch-all for the family's junk. My wife and I decided we needed a place for the kids to hang out to watch TV and play their video games. Originally, we were going to strip the wallpaper and paint the room. However, after discovering the wall had never been sized and destroying the drywall during paper removal, we were forced to go another route.I had long thought of making a room resemble a log cabin, but had never had occasion to try it. Now was my chance. Upon convincing my doubting wife that I could make it look alright, she gave me permission to try it.After measuring the room and figuring materials, I went to the home center and bought a number of 1 x 10's, a pail of drywall joint compound, finish nails, and some wood stain. I took the boards home and cut them to fit. I then moved them to the garage for distressing.My goal was to make the boards resemble hand-hewn timbers. I looked around to see what I could find to accomplish the distressing. What I came up with were a hand-held garden pick with a flat blade, a garden claw, a razor knife, a short length of heavy steel chain, and a belt sander. I used these items to beat the boards into submission. When they'd had enough, I nailed them into place over the remainder of the old wallpaper.Since I had built the walls out 3/4 of an inch, I had to obtain and install electrical outlet extenders. At the same time, I trimmed out the doorframes and window with ordinary 2 x 4 lumber.Next, I used a wide putty knife to apply the drywall joint compound between the boards. I left it very rough to resemble chinking. When the compound was dry, I re-applied it to get the buildup and texture I needed. I finished it off with a lightly tinted painting glaze.After this, I stained the boards with a honey oak colored wood stain.In retrospect I would have done a few things differently, but visitors seem to like the look. I think it came out similarly to what I had envisioned.


Wood stain 1 x 10's Finish nails Outlet extenders Drywall joint compound

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