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this was a project I was commissioned for by my younger sister's BFF. It is a straight forward trestle-type farmhouse table. As there were no available plans that exactly matched what she wanted, I worked from a couple of downloaded images from pinterest. The trestles are made from construction-grade ordinary pine 2x4's bought from Lowe's. this kept the final cost down considerably, but was quite adequate as the request was for the trestles to be painted and have a distressed/aged look. First time I ever did that kind of finish and it came out quite well. The table top is constructed of quarter-sawn white oak purchased from a hardwood mill in Lakeland, Florida. Top is glued up with dowels for alignment.


Wood screws Wood glue 10 each pine 2x4s 8 foot long Quartersawn white oak 30 bd ft Minwax weathered oak stain Minwax wipe on polyurethane

The pine pieces for the trestles.

Gluing up the trestle

Exploded view of the trestles

Detail of the horizontal stringer attachment on the trestle

Gluing up the table top

Just waiting for the final finish on the table top.

In its new home.

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