Fireplace And Stairs

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by: denise6117 on 01/25/2008 Views 16631



Tools & Materials

  • Fireplace wCSST gas line
  • 20 studs
  • 5 sheets of 1/2 inch sheetrock
  • 5 sheets 3/4 oak
  • 4 sheets 1/4 oak
  • Assorted peices of 1x oak and hardware


We started this project the day after christmas 2007 and finished it in ten days. I wanted a fireplace so bad when we bought this house and it all ready had a chase built on the outside of the house and the fireplace was in the garage awaiting installation. We had a freind that installs fireplaces come over to look at it and declared it to be junk, so we bought this ventless gas fireplace and installed it ourselves. My husband comes from a long line of woodworkers so he did all the woodwork with the help of his 17 year old son, they also stained, varnished, wired the electrical and home theater, installed the marble, carpet and laminate floor thereselves. I helped with the demo, painted and kept them fed. when my husband told me of his plan I had a hard time seeing it, but now that it's done I love it! I love it more because we did everything ourselves!! Also by opening the stairs the new fireplace really heats the 2nd floor. We had most of the tools to do this but my husband bought a new router table to build the cabinet doors his self. He allready has plans on his computer to redo our kitchen!

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