Fixing my Mailbox

6 tools

Maybe this doesn't qualify as a project but to me it is, i spent some time on it and it was pretty beat up when i started. What had happened was some idiots thought that it would be funny to drive by and beat it with baseball bats. This has happened before but this time they really went off on it, and they even did it to 3 of our neighbors as well.


Hammer Drill I used a screwdriver Rubber mallet Safteywire And pliers

Step 1

Someone thought that it would be fun to destroy my mailbox expecting me to buy a new one so i fixed it instead.

Step 2

Heres one after i got done, not great but its better than paying 50 bucks for a new one.

Step 3

A front view of it when i was done.

Step 4

Another side shot of it when i finished, i didn't get the big dent on the side out but i figure it gives a rustic look.

Step 5

Another picture of it before i started working on it.

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