Giani Bathroom Countertop

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Refurbished master bathroom countertop with the Giani Granite Kit. Approximate time was about three days to complete from start to finish. Looks beautiful doesn't it?


The Giani Granite Kit

Step 1

Finished Giani Granite project. Master bathroom was done first, to see how it would come out. Secondary bathroom was done after. One more bathroom to go (maybe) lol.

Step 2

The is before I started the procedure. The countertop had been cleaned several times and roughened up with an S.O.S pad. Then rinsed several times, so that primer could adhere better.

Step 3

Primer has been applied here. I failed to frog tape the sink, but it wasn't too difficult to remove. Just took a little elbow grease for it to come off. I removed the spigot (center) so that the grout could be applied easier.

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