Glass gem kitchen backsplash

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I wanted to add some color to my kitchen without a large investment since at some point the countertop will need to be replaced. I like the look of seaglass and came up with the idea of using dollar store glass gems to get a similar look without the expense. It took 3 days to cover about 22 square feet. 2 of the days were spent putting all the gems in place, but I think it was worth the effort. Just don't put too much thinset on at a time so it doesn't dry out. It takes longer than expected to stick up all those gems. Also, it takes more grout than expected. The Schluter strip was used to give a finished edge where the backsplash ended.


Sponge Trowel Float 54 bags of glass gems Thinset mortar 25 pound bag of grout Schluter strip

Before grouting.

The grout really tones things down.

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