Guest Bath Remodel

10 tools

The guest bath is very narrow. The old cabinets were regular size and actually had to be cut on the corner in order to make room for entry into the room through the door. The challenge was to find cabinetry that would actually fit in the small space. This was accomplished at IKEA. The cabinets fit perfectly opening up the room. The tile we used on the floor was multi colored with blues, browns and gray. The paint is called Winter In Paris and somehow it all worked. The walls have a blue hue in the morning but more green as evening approaches. The tile seems to work with both! We had to shop and find a small round toilet for this room as elongated did not work. We did not change out the shower enclosure. The lighting for the room is an antique art deco style. This room is a complete contrast to the hall bathroom we did which is far more conservative.


Paint Tile Tile Flooring Paint supplies Tile adhesive Tile and grout sealer Cabinets by IKEA Sink by IKEA Accessories from Lowes Toilet by Toto

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